Web Series

In the interest of fulfilling my vision of combining the art of magic with the science of psychology I have decided to start a web series. It should be entertaining and if you watch closely enough, you may even learn something about the human experience that you didn’t know before.

It’s looking like I will be partnering with Roman Aguirre and his filming company called Passion Project. He has done some incredible work, not least of which is the promotional video for my stage show “Anticipate.” Which can be viewed by clicking this link.

The release schedule we decided on was a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. The idea is that Mondays we will introduce a topic relevant to the social experience of being human. Then on Wednesdays we will dive a little deeper by conducting a social experiment and sharing the results with viewers. Lastly on Friday we will combine the art of magic with the science of psychology to tease out some really exciting demonstrations.

More information to come so stay tuned!! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications of video releases sent directly to your inbox.

Jordon Taylor