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Jordon Taylor combines the science of psychology with the art of magic, having developed demonstrations of mind reading and predictions to leave you dumbfounded. By identifying patterns in human behavior, Taylor knows what you're thinking before you do. You can put him to the test, but you'll leave the show wondering if he could really hear your thoughts. Enjoy this intimate show with a master mentalist at Graduate Tempe.
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Since 1993


Jordon Taylor is a magician that loves to combine the science of psychology with the art of magic.

After studying psychology in university Jordon's passion for magic rekindled. He started developing demonstrations of mind reading, predictions, and kinetics to help identify patterns in human behavior. The deeper he got into mentalism and magic the more similarities he identified from the art to the science of psychology.

Jordon Taylor's Magic will put to the test your preconceived notions of what the human experience is really capable of. He will delight and amaze you with stories and social experiments. He will bemuse and confound you with mind reading and predictions.

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